Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery

Stop Having a 3Some!

August 06, 2021 Lyman Montgomery, PhD Season 4 Episode 153
Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery
Stop Having a 3Some!
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Welcome to another edition of our podcast Your Focus Driven Day with Lyman Montgomery. You want to have a threesome stay tuned and I'll tell you what I'm talking about.

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of Your Focus Driven Day with your podcaster Lyman Montgomery. Well we got a good one today, Stop Having a Threesome Leave One and Keep the Other. Listen uh when it comes to your life and this is what I found out about people that want to be successful let's say you have a business it's almost like a threesome and what do I mean by a threesome put the kids away now it's the PG G show. You see work tends to interfere with personal life, while we bring work home or our personal life if you are an employee tends to interfere with work. We bring problems from home into the workplace and the third problem is we're stuck in the middle and it's hard a lot of times for us to juggle work and home and it came up with a nice term work life balance. Talk about work life balance it sounds cute it sounds nice it doesn't work. The truth of the matter is you need to focus on one and leave the other. Listen when you're at work you need to focus on work and when you're at home you need to focus on what home they do not mix and that's why a lot of you are having problems in your relationships problems that work is you're trying to have a threesome with home and work, focus in on one. Now let me share something with you, you see point number one it's oftentimes our personal life interferes with our work. Point number two our work tends to interfere with our home life and point number three we need to choose. Now how do you do that? Let me give you a quick simple remedy. When you're at work let your family know when I'm at work, I'm at work if you work at home put a sign on the door if you work from home you need to have a dedicated space that your family know that from this time to this time I'm at work treat it like a real job. When you leave work you need to shut it down and you need to give a hundred and ten percent of your time, your energy and your focused on your family. If you would do those simple strategies you will be able to get out of a threesome and into a monogamous healthy relationship with your home and also with your job and you're not cheating on either one of them. Hey I'm out of time but never out of things to say. I'm your podcaster Lyman Montgomery with another edition of your focus driven day. Do me a favor as always, stay safe and always stay focused my friend.