Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery

Are you Hungry?

August 27, 2021 Lyman Montgomery, PhD Season 4 Episode 157
Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery
Are you Hungry?
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In this podcast, Coach Lyman (#stayfocused-driven) shares relevant tips and strategies to help your stay hungry and persistent in business.

The purpose of this YouTube channel is to help you prosper by staying focused, productive, and profitable in your business, relationships, and life.

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Welcome to another edition of our podcast your Focus Driven Day with Lyman Montgomery. Man are you hungry? Are you really hungry? Find out what I'm talking about after this.

Hello everyone! Welcome to your Focus Driven Day with your podcaster Lyman Montgomery. Today I want to talk about are you hungry feed your faith and starve your fears. You see when it comes to being hungry we're not talking about physically being hungry we're talking about you have that drive that tenacity that dog like that you want to just almost like a bull dog on the back of a pickup truck full of me when you hold on to something you say I'm not going to give up I'm not going to quit you have that dog fighting you that's what I mean by are you hungry. You see there's three points that I want you to walk away with in today's podcast. Point number one hunger is a motivation. Find someone who's hungry about life someone who's hungry about success someone who's hungry to live life at the fullest it becomes a motivation they look around at their circumstances and they say I don't like where I live I don't like the car I drive they get hungry they're not satisfied. A good friend of mine said listen Lyman if you want a dog to hunt get an old junkyard dog don't get one of them look dog you know little lap dogs they get fed you know at eight o'clock you know eleven o'clock six o'clock and snacks in between that dog won't hunt. You to get a dog that's hungry that'll go out there and do something well you gotta be the same way ladies and gentlemen you gotta allow that hunger of motivation to be the fuel that would allow you to press through and break through hard time. Point number two hunger is universal. Everybody has hunger but the question is what is your thirst for what are you hungry after are you hungry just for the sake oh I want to have a nice bank account or are you hungry to succeed to see others also succeed and also hunger forces you to be creative yes sir yes ma'am. When you're hungry you will find a way to make it happen. So point number one hunger is motivation it pushes you to break through point number two it's universal all of us know what homage feels like and point number three hunger creates creativity. So get hungry my friend and stay focused. Hey Lyman Montgomery the number one folks acceleration coach bringing you another edition of your Focus Driven Day. Do me a favor stay safe and always stay focused my friend you.