Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery

What in Your Bag?

September 03, 2021 Lyman Montgomery, PhD Season 4 Episode 158
Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery
What in Your Bag?
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Welcome to another edition of our podcast your Focus Driven Day with Lyman Montgomery. I want to ask you a question what's in your bag? What's weighing you down?

Are you a bag lady or a bag man. I'm not talking about someone that's homeless but a lot of us are carrying a lot of emotional and psychological baggage around. You see let me share a quick story with you I remember sitting in the airport and I was watching this I believe it was a mom and she had suitcases she had backpacks she had all these bags that she was carrying and she had a young toddler in one hand and you can see all that weight was doing what it was blowing her over she was bent over trying to carry all of this weight. Now it would have been a lot easier for her to get a cart and unload all that weight put on the cart and simply push the cart rather than trying to carry all those bags and a little one in tow. Well guess what a lot of us are carrying a lot of baggage we're carrying the baggage a failed relationship we're carrying the baggage of people we don't like that we keep carrying around we're carrying the baggage of poor health. In other words we're sitting there and thinking to ourselves oh I know I need to go to the gym I'm out of shape but we don't do anything about it. Let me share with you three tips to help you unload all that weight that you are carrying. Number one recognize we like our badge let's be honest we love our baggage why it has become a part of us. We have to say to ourselves you know what I'm no longer carrying this baggage of bad relationships we need to throw it away don't look at it just cut it off. Number two we have to recognize that the baggage is weighing us down. You see you're trying to climb up the corporate ladder you're trying to climb up in life and all that bag is doing nothing but what, pulling you down it's like distraction. You see distractions will stop you from being able to focus on the things that matter most in your life it's a baggage. Point number three is this when you lessen the low you can climb higher and run faster why you're lighter you're not encumbered with all the cares of the world, you're not holding on to bad memories, you need to take a deep breath come on with me inhale exhale let it go. Let it go let go of those bad relationships let go of those bad memories and replace them with good memories and then start today. So what's in your bag? Let it go and lessen the load so you can climb higher and run farther. Hey I'm out of time but never out of things to say. I'm your podcaster Lyman Montgomery joins us for another edition of your Focus Driven Day. Thank you. Be safe and always stay focused.