Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery

What Type of Speaker are You?

September 01, 2022 Lyman Montgomery, PhD
Your Focused Driven Day with Dr. Lyman Montgomery
What Type of Speaker are You?
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In this podcast, Dr. Lyman explains what type of speaker are you.

The purpose of this content is to help you speak confidently, be productive, and be profitable in your business, and in life.

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What Type of Speaker are You?

Hello, Dr. Lyman Montgomery, founder, and creator of the 30-day speaker's life activation system. When it comes to speaking, in the speaking industry, understand that there are three types of speakers. Fundamentally speaking, the first type of speaker is a motivational and inspirational, type of speaker. This is the speaker that believes in a compelling story. They have a story to tell. They want to get the story out and their job is to inspire, to motivate, to cause to the audience, to feel good about themselves, and take the desired action.

The second type of speaker is a storyteller. Now a storyteller his or her job is to take you on an emotional journey. Often time they have stories; they just pull at the heartstrings. They will captivate you with their allegory, and their ability to create beautiful word pictures so that you can close your eyes. And as they speak, your mind is filled with images as they take you on the desired journey, that leads to an expectation to do something.

The third type is known as a facilitator or a trainer. Their job is to instill knowledge, to help improve your skillset. And their role is to help you understand and demonstrate a particular technology, learn a lesson, and improve a skill. And so, whatever type of speaker you are, understand that this training will help you be a better motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, better storyteller, as well as a dynamic empowering facilitator or trainer.

So, do me a favor, pull a piece of paper, and a notepad, and ask yourself three questions. Question number one. Do I tend to demonstrate when I speak, do I tend to tell a story that draws an audience in, or am I more of the inspirational, motivational, cheerleader type of speaker? I don't know the answer to the questions, but take a few minutes and ask yourself, do I tend to motivate, inspire, and want to pull out the best in an individual? Or am I more methodical and I am a systems person? And I believe that there are steps or sequences to achieve the desired end. Maybe you are a facilitator then too, maybe you are a hybrid. You see, don't get blocked into one specific. So when you go through this exercise of figuring out if you are an inspirational, motivational speaker, storyteller, trainer, or facilitator, it's your dominant strength.

Personally, I am an inspirational, motivational trainer. I love to inspire people, but equally so, I love to train to see that "AHA" moment that an individual can learn something but also apply it through demonstration. So go ahead, pull out a sheet of paper and ask yourself, am I a motivational, inspirational speaker because I tend to inspire and motivate? I want to see the best in everyone. Am I more of a facilitator and trainer, or am I more of a storyteller where I love to weave and Bob and take the audience on a journey?  Answer those questions, and we will be back for the next training. Thank you.